Delivering solutions for energy consumers

20 June 2019

Our vision, Together we create energy solutions, commits us to collaborating with stakeholders (inside and outside of the business); making the complex simple and delivering benefit for our stakeholders; and thinking differently. Our vision directly aligns with our participation as a foundation member of The Energy Charter.

At its heart, the Energy Charter seeks to create a customer-centric culture within the energy industry – improving energy affordability and service delivery, and helping to rebuild consumer trust in the sector. Our vision has ensured we’re already supporting good customer and stakeholder outcomes across the business, however our commitment to the Energy Charter will help stretch us further.

Each year, we will publicly report on our adherence to the Energy Charter principles. This process requires us to reflect and transparently report about what we are doing well and where we can improve. The report will be reviewed by an independent Accountability Panel consisting of consumer, business, industry and energy sector representatives who will provide us guidance on how we can further improve and evolve to meet changing consumer expectations and needs.

We will publish our first report in September 2019. The independent Accountability Panel will review our submission along with those of all Energy Charter signatories and publish a public report on their findings and recommendations at the end of November 2019.

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