International interest in Stanwell’s hydrogen project

4 September 2019

Stanwell’s recently announced hydrogen project is garnering international interest, with business delegates from South Korea visiting Stanwell Power Station to discuss the project.

Facilitated through Advance Rockhampton, Rockhampton Regional Council’s Economic Development arm, the business delegation includes representatives from South Korean trade and investment agencies, energy and resources sector, automotive industry, and infrastructure and agriculture. 

The project, still at feasibility study stage, is investigating the potential for a large (10 MW or bigger) hydrogen demonstration plant in Central Queensland, near Rockhampton.

Stanwell CEO Richard Van Breda said the delegation visit provided a valuable opportunity to meet key market players and better understand future opportunities for hydrogen internationally.

“The development of a hydrogen industry in Australia has gained significant momentum over the last 12 months, largely driven by credible policy announcements in a number of countries including South Korea, Mr Van Breda said.

“South Korea is planning to use imported ‘green hydrogen’ as a significant part of their future energy supply and decarbonisation strategy, which presents a fantastic opportunity for Queensland’s developing hydrogen industry in terms of export and business partnership opportunities.

“As part of our hydrogen feasibility study, we will be having discussions with a range of potential local and international commercial partners and customers to investigate the opportunity to commercialise the project.

“By deploying hydrogen electrolysis at large scale, the proposed demonstration plant could help drive down production costs and support the development of new domestic and export markets for hydrogen.

“The proposed site, 1 km to the north of Stanwell Power Station, is well located near local ports for access to export markets.”

Advance Rockhampton General Manager Tony Cullen said the delegation could open up opportunities for the region.

“With the government encouragement and push, Korean companies are motivated to get involved in Australia’s hydrogen industry development to achieve its national and corporate goals to be the leaders in the hydrogen industry,” Mr Cullen said.

“Rockhampton has a strong industry base and positive business culture and I’m optimistic this delegation will continue to drive interest in local hydrogen industry development.”

Mr Van Breda said Stanwell’s proposed plant would support electricity security and reliability, and help underpin renewable energy integration and investment in Central Queensland.

“Stanwell is exploring opportunities to evolve in response to a changing energy market including facilitating the development of a Central Queensland hydrogen industry,” Mr Van Breda said.

“A hydrogen plant at Stanwell Power Station would introduce new load into the region which would ease pressure on the electricity network and support the growth of renewables in the Central Queensland region.

Mr Van Breda said the project would also purchase green certificates from renewable energy projects in the region to deliver a greened hydrogen product.

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