Stanwell refutes claims made by law firm and its litigation funder

24 July 2020

Stanwell refutes the allegations of misuse of market power being made by Piper Alderman and its litigation funder, Litigation Capital Management (LCM), as part of their entrepreneurial efforts to promote a class action against Stanwell.

If Piper Alderman and LCM commence proceedings against Stanwell, as they are threatening to do, Stanwell will vigorously defend its conduct in the appropriate forum, the courts.

Stanwell has an impeccable record of compliance with all of the laws and rules which govern our conduct within the National Electricity Market.

Piper Alderman and LCM have, we believe, been very selective in their publication of out-of-context snippets from detailed and complex regulatory reports.

Stanwell is very proud of the work our people do every day to generate electricity and make it reliably available to our ultimate owners – the people of Queensland.