Ensuring inclusion during outages

30 August 2021

Outages at Tarong power stations are no new operation, with this year’s overhaul being another notch on the belt for many at site. Despite this, our Tarong Unit 1 overhaul team has recognised that this process can be daunting for new employees and contractors alike.  

In response, working with the Health and Safety and Training Teams, an initiative has been implemented to identify new employees and contractors on site during overhauls to make them feel welcome. Each person, identified as being new to the overhaul, is provided with a green name label for their helmets. This allows other, experienced teammates to assist them through the overhaul process by providing mentoring and coaching, and tailoring interactions to gauge their understanding of both the site and its processes.

A great initiative that will be rolled out in future outages and a true reflection of our value – we care.