Mega-sized additions delivered for Tarong battery

22 May 2024

The last of the 164 Tesla Megapacks in the Tarong Battery Energy Storage System has been delivered and lowered into place.

Weighing 38-tonnes each, the Megapacks were transported by semi-trailer from Brisbane to the site near Kingaroy in regional Queensland.

The Tarong BESS is being constructed in two stages. The 82 Megapacks for Stage 1 were delivered in February 2024, and the Stage 2 shipment arrived in April 2024.

The Megapacks are being installed by Yurika – a Queensland government-owned company – who are being supported by a number of local contractors. Up to 80 employees will be on-site during construction.

With the Megapacks now in place, work will focus on connecting them to MV transformers, installing high-voltage underground conduits and feeder cables, and preparing for the delivery of the two switch rooms.

Testing and commissioning of the megapacks will commence in June. The Battery Energy Storage System is scheduled to commence supplying electricity to the grid, as needed, in February 2025 (Stage 1) and June 2025 (Stage 2).

The Tarong BESS, built adjacent to the Tarong power stations, has the capacity to discharge 300 MW of energy into the National Electricity Market for up to two hours, making it one of the largest battery energy storage systems in Queensland.

It is Stanwell’s first dispatchable energy storage project, and it kicks off our goal to have 5GW of firming capacity operational by 2035.

This battery will be charged by renewable energy when the sun’s out and the wind is blowing. It can charge and discharge electricity several times a day.

Dispatchable energy, like the Tarong BESS, smooths out the peaks and troughs that occur with renewable energy generation. It provides flexibility to respond to market demands, and can respond within fractions of a second to maintain grid stability.