Employee spotlight: Stephanie Huhs

4 December 2018

After making the move from a not-for-proft organisation 13 years ago, Operations Systems and Compliance Coordinator, Stephanie Huhs, has played a significant role in the team at Mica Creek Power Station. We spoke to with Steph to learn more about her role at Stanwell.

What are your primary responsibilities?

My role is quite varied and includes compliance assurance across training, environment, health and safety, risk management plans and all other compliance tasks relevant to Mica Creek.

Of course there are also all the other little things I pick up when I see a gap that needs to be filled. I am also pretty good at helping out where I can and catching a handball or two.

How long have you been at Stanwell for?

I’ve been at Mica Creek for almost 13 years now, commencing as a Water Treatment Technician. In 2009, I became a Chemical Process Team Supervisor, before moving to my current role in 2012.

What does a standard day at Mica Creek look like for you?

Ha, never the same! My planned day usually ends around 7 pm, when something pops up that needs my attention.

What’s your favourite thing about Mount Isa?

Mount Isa is a very easy place to live. Everything is close, and the sense of community is outstanding.

Working at Mica Creek is like working with your family. It has its up and downs, and when things get tough or challenging, everyone works together to get the job done.

What are five words (or less) of advice for others in your role / field?

It’s never not your job.

How do you think your role supports Stanwell’s vision and strategy?

In my role, I work on many different tasks that keep processes and plant rolling smoothly at Mica Creek.

I like to think that by undertaking these tasks (often they aren’t the most exciting tasks), I ensure the ship is kept steady, helping to avoid the big waves!

With everyone in the team at Mica playing their part, together we can help deliver on our goals, safely, responsibly and commercially.

What’s been one of your proudest moments working at Stanwell?

Making the move from a not-for-profit office job, to a job in the energy industry is still my biggest achievement to date.

Now, I look back to the end of my first day when I thought to myself “What have a got myself in to? I’m not going to remember all this information or what anything is called!”

Coming back for the second shift was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but 13 years later I have been well and truly rewarded for that persistence!