Central Queensland could be home to Australia’s largest hydrogen project

22 August 2019

A $5 million study into a hydrogen electrolysis plant at Stanwell Power Station near Rockhampton is underway. The study will assess the technical, commercial and strategic feasibility of a large (10 MW or bigger) hydrogen demonstration plant which will be the largest plant of its type in Australia.

By deploying hydrogen electrolysis at large scale, the demonstration plant would help drive down production costs and support the development of new domestic and export markets for hydrogen. It would also enhance the flexibility of Stanwell Power Station so it can continue playing an important role in facilitating Queensland’s transition to a lower carbon future.

Stanwell is aiming to encourage the growth of a hydrogen export industry in Central Queensland which would drive energy load growth in the region, ease pressure on the electricity network and support the growth of renewable energy. The project will purchase green certificates from renewable energy projects in the region to deliver a carbon neutral hydrogen product.

To learn more, visit our hydrogen project page, watch our video below, read the Ministerial media statement or contact us at  hydrogen@stanwell.com.