From Mount Isa to the South Burnett

30 September 2021

All good things must come to an end — for Mica Creek Power Station, that end came earlier this year when it was taken out of operation after proudly providing electricity to mining and residential communities in Queensland’s North West for 60 years.

This didn’t mean it was the end of all our people there, though. Three of our people remain on site in cold storage roles: Site Coordinator, Douglas Mukupe and Cold Storage Officers Boy Page and Mark Leech. Six others have been redeployed across other Stanwell sites.

Pratik Dobariya is one of our people who’s been redeployed. Now based at Tarong Power Station as an Electrical and Instrumentation Maintenance Superintendent, Pratik was at Mica Creek from November 2019 until March 2021, working as an Operations and Maintenance Technician Supervisor.

The journey from Mount Isa down to the South Burnett isn’t exactly a quick day trip – the two are over 1,500 kilometres apart and in very different parts of Queensland.

Pratik said his family’s move from Mount Isa went mostly smoothly.

“Due to issues outside of our control, our household items that were in storage with removalists didn’t make it down when expected,” he said.

“Thankfully the team down here was really helpful, and with their help we got it delivered through another company.

“Tarong’s site leadership team has also been incredibly supportive with finding accommodation for me and my family – which I particularly appreciated as  I was busy with overhaul work on my arrival!”

Removalist issues aren’t the only challenge Pratik has embraced since the move.

Stanwell’s Tarong power stations make up one of Queensland’s largest electricity generating sites, with five units across the two stations (Tarong North and Tarong Power Station). Tarong also uses a different fuel source than Mica Creek Power Station.

“Coming to the Tarong power stations from Mica Creek was a big shift – it’s been a non-stop series of new challenges and I’m really enjoying it,” Pratik said.

“Working with two different stations now, I’m learning about new technologies, equipment, and processes.

“It’s a great opportunity for learning and growth. Not only is Mica Creek Power Station a smaller site using different equipment and technology, there was also only one power station to worry about!” he laughed. “Fortunately, my new team is really friendly and supportive. Management has welcomed me on board and is helping me adapt. Through the whole transition, Stanwell has really lived up to our values – we care, we adapt, and we deliver.”