Vacation program sparks energy industry interest for Mechanical Engineering Student, Hannah Butcher

31 March 2021

Earlier this year, Hannah Butcher completed her vacation program at Stanwell’s Tarong power stations as a Mechanical Engineering Student.
Over a three-month period, Hannah gained insight into what it’s like to work in the energy generation industry, putting her theory into practice on real projects.

Stanwell’s vacation program provides university students with the opportunity to gain hands-on real-world experience alongside some of the industry’s best.

“Stanwell has taught me a lot about the physical side of the systems I have been learning at university. For me, as a visual learner, putting theory into practice has been extremely beneficial.”

“The hands-on learning with industry equipment has been great. I was also lucky enough to experience an overhaul during my program. This allowed me to gain a better understanding of the systems we use while under maintenance,” she said.

One of Hannah’s favourite things about the program was the access to industry knowledge and working within a team.

“My favourite part about being on site was feeling part of a team. Knowing that I was able to contribute to the bigger picture is something I can walk away proud of. Additionally, the opportunity to work alongside so many great mentors that I am able to now look up to in my career is rewarding.”

In addition to the experience and knowledge gained by vacation students during the program, our onsite teams also discover rewarding benefits.

Mechanical Engineering Superintendent, and Hannah’s program mentor, Russel Vorpagel, commented on the positive takeaways for his team, including the opportunity to pass on knowledge.

“Vacation students often don’t have a clear understanding of what their chosen field of work involves until they experience it first-hand,” he said.

“We can provide guidance and career advice, as well as pass on our industry knowledge to them. The program offers an exchange of learning opportunities for everyone involved.”

Hannah is set to complete her bachelor’s degree this year and is excited to take up further opportunities in the energy industry!